GDSI case study on food production systems


In food safety and food security the integration of data and knowledge across disciplines is needed to prevent food-related diseases, improve food production and consumption-related sustainability, traceability, food quality, animal welfare, diminish food waste, reduce environmental impacts, increase communication with stakeholders, and introduce nutritional factors considering the enlarging need to ”feed the planet”. To support decision makers, a case study with main focus on the development of a conceptual map of indicators and metrics for food systems, inspired with elements from food risk analysis and sustainability will be conducted. The case study works on the concept of system and system boundaries for food chain to contextualize real cases aiming to organize the quantitative information (e.g. possible persistent and toxic chemicals present in paper and board packaging, not –plastic food contact material) in a suitable way to outline together food safety and sustainability.


Elena Boriani
National Food Institute
25 JUNE 2018